About RCG Managed Futures

RCG Managed Futures is the Managed Futures Division of Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG); An FCM Whose History Goes Back over 90 Years

As a division of Rosenthal Collins Group, (RCG), RCG Managed Futures provides access to managed futures programs and offers managed futures services to investors, high net worth investors, family offices, institutions and traders.  We also offer clearing and execution services to  Commodity Trading Advisors, and Introducing Brokers and provide a Managed Futures program for Introducing Brokers.

When considering a managed futures account it is important to work with an experienced FCM that knows the futures industry. Your managed futures account will be held at RCG and the trades will be cleared at RCG. At RCG Managed Futures, you will have an experienced broker to help you with the details of your account. You can choose various CTAs from the RCG Managed Futures CTA Database to trade your separately managed account.

Supported by the Strength of Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG)

RCG’s experience dates back over 90 years – and during that time, we have acquired a wealth of expertise and knowledge of the futures trading industry which is important to consider when choosing where you are going to clear your managed futures investment.

Leadership comes naturally to the executives at Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). Our top officials have served as chairmen of Chicago’s major futures exchanges. Les Rosenthal at the Chicago Board of Trade, Bob Collins at the MidAmerica Commodity Exchange, and RCG Chairman/CEO Scott Gordon, at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. These perspectives provide unparalleled experience in the futures brokerage community as well as a lasting commitment to the industry.

Familiarity with Futures: Managed Futures Information and Tools

We provide access to information and tools to help facilitate your managed futures investing.   We offer the efficient use of cash through notional funding, a master account structure so that you can cross margin your futures accounts, and we also provide information on the details of futures and managed futures accounts, so that you can better access the futures markets and investments.

RCG Managed Futures Database and Managed Futures Investments

RCG Managed Futures provides access to the RCG Managed Futures Database, a full database of over 100 CTAs, which is powered by the industry leading BarclayHedge database tool, and offers information on a large variety of trading styles and CTA programs.  Included are CTA programs offering access to discretionary trading, technical trading, trend following, counter-trend, day trading, spreads, and option strategies.

Investors can use RCG’s CTA database to help find CTAs for their wealth management needs.  We provide access to managed futures separately managed accounts which may assist you in diversifying your existing investment portfolio. Diversifying your portfolio can possibly increase your profit and reduce your risk. Managed Futures may also be attractive as a standalone investment.

Managed Futures Program for Introducing Brokers

As the managed futures division of RCG, we offer a managed futures program for Introducing Brokers which can aid brokers in expanding this portion of your business.  Utilize the managed futures CTA database to provide information to your clients regarding managed futures opportunities.  As your FCM, we can streamline the process for you by offering the tools necessary.  Please contact us at RCG Managed Futures for more information.

Futures Clearing and Give up Execution for CTAs; 

In addition to the above, we offer futures clearing and execution services for CTAs and their clients.  We also provide give-up services for CTAs that have clients at other clearing firms. Our auto-allocation system can automatically allocate electronic or open-outcry trades according to the CTA’s defined formula, a service that Commodity Trading Advisors find useful in the allocation process.

Access to Capital Introductions through Investors Choosing CTA Programs 

Since RCG has a broad introducing broker network, CTAs have the potential for capital introductions through clients and investors searching the CTA Database, and/or reviewing CTA materials and then choosing a CTA’s particular strategy.

Clearing Services for Traders

We also provide electronic trading services for investors’ own self directed trading accounts.

When you need to trade, you need to trade.   RCG is one of the few firms that supports a fully staffed execution desk 24 hours a day. Our 24-hour trade execution desk also provides technical support for orders placed through one of our many electronic platforms.

You’ll find every major trading platform available at Rosenthal Collins Group, including our own – RCG Onyx Plus®.  For customer’s requiring low latency connections to major futures exchanges, we offer a wide range of API solutions from the latest technology providers.

Where open-outcry trading remains important, we maintain strategically positioned trading desks on the exchange floors. All of our desks are staffed with experienced personnel, and some offer Priority Desks for high-volume or complex orders.

Talk to us about your needs. We’ll discuss how managed futures can be a benefit to you and your goals