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Automated Trading Systems

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Explore emotion free, fully automated futures trading systems available through RCG Managed Futures.  Explore the hands free algorithmic futures trading platform:  iSystems.  You choose the futures trading systems, the systems pick the trades.   Find out why many different traders from the US to Europe have revolutionized their trading with iSystems.

About the iSystems Platform

  • iSystems is an automated, algorithmic trading hands free platform
  • Low minimums per system: as low as $5000-$10,000
  • Open an account at RCG Managed Futures, then you can choose your systems
  • Access over 850+ professionally-developed algos—like an Algo App store
  • Algos sync directly to your account automatically—Start & stop anytime
  • View your trading activity on your phone or computer

Why Algorithmic Trading?

  • Fully Automated
  • No emotions; fully automatic
  • Diversified
  • Real Money Fills
  • Forward Tested
  • Back Tested

Using the Platform

  • Browse all systems to choose systems that appeal to you
  • Review performance of systems to choose from*
  • Customizable fields to sort and review systems
  • License the rights to system signals
  • Flex license allows for discount fees
  • Costs of systems are deducted directly from your account
  • Can trade one or more contract per system