CTA / Fund Managers

Whether you are a Commodity Trading Advisor, commodity pool operator, hedge fund manager or other institutional trader, you will discover a host of specialized services at RCG to meet the unique needs of your demanding business.

Futures Clearing and Give up Execution for CTAs and Fund Managers

We know that fast, reliable execution is a priority, and we offer you superior execution services – in open outcry markets as well as electronic markets. We also understand that many institutions have clearing relationships with multiple futures brokers, so we have created an environment particularly friendly to give-up execution through an automatic allocation system.

Our electronic platforms offer convenient block trading functionality, and our automatic trade allocation system eases the burden of manual breakdowns.

With over 150 Correspondent brokers, and customer funds in excess of $1.4 billion, RCG leads brokers, CTAs, Fund Managers, futures traders and investors on the march towards a whole new world of trading. RCG’s record of unwavering client service based on tailored solutions and fast, reliable support has earned it the respect of the global futures industry

Potential Capital Introductions through Investors Choosing Your CTA Program 

In addition to the above, since RCG has a broad broker and introducing broker network, CTAs have the potential for capital introductions through clients and investors searching the CTA Database, and/or reviewing CTA materials and then choosing a CTA’s particular strategy.

Add Your CTA Program to the RCG Managed Futures CTA Database

Please contact RCG Managed Futures to make sure that your CTA program is on the RCG Managed Futures  CTA database, powered by BarcalyHedge.